2020-2024COST project CA19110 – Plasma applications for smart and sustainable agriculture. National coordinator V. Mildaziene
2020Santaka Valley project P20-BS1-128 “Innovative technologies for increasing production of biologically active plant metabolites” 
2020Baltic-Deutshes Hochschulkontor Project “Plasma application in agriculture: seed treatment with plasma as an alternative method for increasing plant productivity” 
2019-2021Project P-LJB-19-6 „Early development of seedling stress response to seed treatment with component-controlled cold plasma“; the Bilateral (Lithuania-Japan) cooperation program, Lithuanian Research Council. Position.
2019-2021Project P-LB-19-13 “Development of Methods for Control of Quantity and Composition of Pharmacologically Valuable Compounds (Secondary Metabolites) in Plant Tissue by Plasma and Radio Frequency Seed Treatment” supported by the Bilateral (Lithuania-Belarus) Cooperation Program Lithuanian Research Council. Position.
2017-2019Lithuanian Research Council Researchers group project S-MIP-17-53 „Involvement of oxidative stress in molecular mechanism of seed response to cold plasma treatment“.
2018-2019Vytautas Magnus university research cluster project P-FB-18-04 „Changes in red clover root nodulation and composition of root exudates caused by seed treatments by stressors“.
2017Vytautas Magnus university research cluster project „Estimation of changes in dynamics of plant hormones  induced by seed treatment with physical stressors“.
2015-2016EEE and Norvegian Environment Agency, grant priority sector Environmental protection and management programme LT03 Biodiversity and ecosystem services “Estimation of an impact of climate change on biological diversity in The Southwest Lithuania and development of measures for adjustment (Botanica sudavica)”.
2013-2014Lithuanian Research Council. Lithuania-Belarus cooperation project TAP-LB-12-013 „Enhancement of plant metabolism and fungicidal protection using plasma and radio waves seed treatment“.
2013-2014ESF project “Improvement of Training of High Qualification Specialists for Biotechnology and Biopharmacy Sector” (BIOTEFA-A) (VPI-2.2-ŠMM-09-V-01-009).
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