Research topics

Mitochondrial bioenergetics in normal, cancer and stem cells

The experimental investigation of the response of the oxidative phosphorylation system to multi-site effectors or pathologic conditions (ischemia, chronic consumption of ethanol, cancer, hyperthermia) was analysed in terms of Metabolic Control Analysis

Plant response to seed treatment with physical stressors

Studies on the response of plants to stress have started to reveal complex molecular mechanisms underlying plant plasticity and adaptation, and this knowledge can be applied for the improvement of plant agricultural performance by ecologically friendly technologies. One of the intensively studied field in this area is plant response to seed treatment with physical stressors, such as low temperature plasma (cold plasma, CP), vacuum or electromagnetic field (EMF). These stressors, depending on the intensity of stress can cause a positive or negative response (eustress or distress). In the case of eustress, improved seed performance (e.g., increase in germination and early seeding growth) can be achieved for a large variety of plants after short-duration treatment of seeds with CP or EMF. We aim to estimate the response of plants to stress induced by pre-sowing seed treatment with CP and EMF, and to determine the molecular factors important for changes induced in germination, growth, production and composition of biomass.

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