Research priorities

One of the exceptional VMU features in the area of research and art activity development is the formation of research clusters. Research clusters are active groups of researchers, representing various areas of science, who carry out common research or integrate studies and research, bringing together the scholarly potential of one or several units. The formation of clusters was launched in 2008, as a response to the Lithuanian and European research development programmes to enhance interdisciplinary scientific research. Currently 7 research clusters are active at Faculty of Natural Sciences.


  1. Effect of Anthropogenic Environmental Changes and the Climate to Alive Organisms
  2. Application of Innovation Technologies to the Research on Health Risks Raised by Climate Change and Environmental Pollution (KLIGEN)
  3. Biophysics for Bio-nanotechnology and Biomedicine (BIOMEDTECH)
  4. Research on Delivery of Medicine and Genes
  5. Alternative Energy
  6. Molecular Bioenergetics                                                                                                                                                                                        Molecular Bioenergetics Research cluster group on the eukaryotic cellular stress response
  7. Development of Instrumental Analysis Methods and their Application to Molecular Analysis of Biological Objects, Synthetic Products and the Environment
  8. System Analysis, Modeling, Control and Optimization
  9. Security, Reliability and Risk Analysis Methods

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