Trainings and Internships

A matter of great relevance to anyone applying for studies at a university is the question of future career prospects provided by the diploma of higher education. University students improve their thinking process, participate in the academic life, take part in creative activities and acquire vital skills by taking internship. All of the above helps the students better understand potential ways of how to apply their newly gained theoretical knowledge in professional practice.

Vytautas Magnus University gives special attention to internship. Students of every BA study programme have to complete professional internship (10 credits, i.e. approximately 10 weeks). Some of its benefits include a closer look at the specifics of the work in a particular field and an opportunity to obtain practical skills in a real social environment. This experience also serves as an encouragement for the students to further deepen theoretical framework at the university and do their best to improve professionally. Internships in business companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions also prove useful as a way to verify the quality of studies at the university and expose possibilities for changes in study programs, as well as adapting them to the changing needs of the society.

Practice of VMU first-cycle and integrated studies is organised following the description of procedures. Practice for second-cycle students is organised according to the description of practice which is prepared by the Department which organises the studies of a respective programme.

From their very first days at the university, students can get all the help they need while planning their careers. Teachers of the faculties and institutes at the university serve this purpose, as well as the Youth Career Centre. This public enterprise gives a hand to students in making decisions relevant to their work and personal life, facilitates pursuing professional career in Lithuania or abroad. The centre organizes various professional and practical training activities, helps the students choose where to practice and arranges discussions on career planning and professional development.

Every spring, some of the largest Lithuanian commercial business companies participate in the annual informational fair of VMU Career Days. Various public offices and enterprises in the governmental sector are also given an opportunity to present their activities. The event allows students to meet potential employers, familiarize themselves with career perspectives and requirements of current work market, participate in seminars and trainings, learn to write motivational letters and curriculum vitae.



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