Doctoral Training School

By the first announcement we are pleased to invite the PhD students and young researchers to attend the training school with a line of outstanding invited speakers that will provide overview and share their practical experience on the research topics related to the applications of plasma in agriculture and food processing.


Main training venue: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Vytautas Magnus university, Universiteto str. 10, 53361 Akademija

Additional sites for training: Botanical garden, VMU (

Agricultural experiment station of Academy of Agriculture, VMU


Preliminary program: CLICK HERE

Travel accommodation and other information: CLICK HERE


Reimbursements for Trainees – PlAgri COST Action


PlAgri COST action has allocated 30 reimbursements in the WBP for GP4 for the Trainees attending the 3rd Training School that will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania from June 11th until June 14th, 2024. The reimbursement includes a daily allowance of 108 EUR/day and long-distance travel expenses. The detailed rules and conditions are given in section “A1-3.1 Travel reimbursement rules” in the Annotated Rules for COST Actions. Before submitting the application, all applicants are required to get acquainted with the Travel reimbursement rules. The reimbursement claims submitted after the event which are not in accordance with the rules will be rejected.


The decisions about elected Trainees who will be reimbursed will be made according to the COST policies (gender balance, Young researchers, ITC countries etc.). The applicants should be PhD students or 2 years after defending PhD and fall in the category of Young researcher (younger than 40 years of age). The participants who apply for the first time for PlAgri funding (including STSMs/VMs/VNS/ITC grants/Travel reimbursements) will have advantage. In addition, if there are two or more applicants from the same institution, PlAgri COST Action will reimburse more than one Trainee from that institution if there is still available funding. The affiliation of the Trainees must be in: Legal entity in COST F/C Member or European RTD Organization or Legal entity in a Near Neighboring Country (see Section 6.4. Eligibility to receive financial support in the Annotated Rules for COST Actions).


In order to apply for reimbursements the applicant will need following:


  1. If not already having one – Open eCOST profile ( and finish the procedure for creating the profile
  2. If not already a member of PlAgri action (check here: – follow the procedure for joining the action (
  3. Short Abstract (1 page) – topic of the abstract MUST BE RELATED to PlAgri Working group topics
  4. Motivation letter (1 page) with how their career/PhD will gain from participating in TS and to which WGs their work presented in the submitted abstract is related. Did you contribute to PlAgri activities on social networks, sent material and participated in Virtual Mobility activities (not a grantee) or participated in online webinars organized by PlAgri? If YES name them in your Motivation letter.
  5. Proof of Age (Young Researcher) – submit supporting documents
  6. Proof that the applicant is PhD student or 2 years after defending PhD – submit supporting documents
  7. To fill in the Registration form


The deadline for reimbursement application submission is March 26th, 2024.

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