About us

The Research group on The Eukaryotic Cell Stress Response Research (ECSR) at VytautasMagnus University, Faculty of Natural Sciences was initiated in 1997, when Vida Mildažienė started teaching Biochemistry and other courses. After Dr. Zita Naučienė and Dr. Rasa Žūkienė joined their research supervisor, the core of the group working together so far has been formed. The main interests of ECSR group were focused on the application of metabolic control analysis for studies of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of animal cells. Dr. Laima Degutytė Fomins joined the group successfully in 2007.

Since 2013 the group started research on a new topic: the molecular mechanisms of plant response to seed treatment with physical stressors. The group was joined by dr. Asta Malakauskiene and doctoral student Giedrė Paužaitė, who defended her dissertation in the field of biochemistry in 2019. Anatolii Ivankov is a doctoral student who intends to be the next. 

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