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Mokslo straipsniai recenzuojamuose periodiniuose: 22
Mokslo straipsniai leidiniuose ir konferencijos medžiagoje: 2
Patentai: 1
Publikacijos, neatitinkančios A ir B lygių reikalavimų: 21

Viso publikacijų 2013-2017 kovo 28: 46

Publikacijos autoriai Publikacijos pavadinimas Žurnalo pavadinimas Metai
Kaya, M.; Akyuz, B.; Bulut, E.; Sargin, I.; Tan, G.; Erdonmez, D.; Maheta, M.; Šatkauskas, S.; Mickevičius, S. DNA interaction, antitumor and antimicrobial activities of three-dimensional chitosan ring produced from the body segments of a diplopod Carbohydrate polymers 2016
Juknys, R.; Kanapickas, A.; Šveikauskaitė, I.; Sujetovienė, G. Response of deciduous trees spring phenology to recent and projected climate change in Central Lithuania International journal of biometeorology 2016
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Galilei invariant technique for quantum system description Journal of mathematical physics 2014
Stepšys, A.; Mickevičius, S.; Germanas, D.; Kalinauskas, R. K. HOTB : high precision parallel code for calculation of four-particle harmonic oscillator transformation brackets Computer physics communications 2014
Pranevičius, L.; Pranevičius, L. L.; Vilkinis, P.; Baltaragis, S.; Gedvilas, K. Water surface coverage effects on reactivity of plasma oxidized Ti films Applied surface science 2014
Aleknavičius, A.; Gabalis, M.; Michailovas, A.; Girdauskas, V. Aberrations induced by anti-ASE cap on thin-disk active element Optics express 2013
Mickevičius, S.; Germanas, D.; Kalinauskas, R. K. Method simplifying calculation of coefficients of fractional parentage for translationally invariant shell-model Central European journal of physics 2013
Tučkutė, S.; Pranevičius, L.; Pranevičius, L.; Urbonavičius, M. On the oxygen transport mechanism in titanium thin films under irradiation by molecular water ions Materials science 2013
Mickevičius, S.; Germanas, D.; Kalinauskas, R. K. Revised calculation of four-particle harmonic-oscillator transformation brackets matrix Computer physics communications 2013
Pranevičius, L.; Tučkutė, S.; Pranevičius, L.; Gedvilas, K. Water vapor-plasma-enhanced oxidation of thin titanium films Acta physica Polonica A 2013
Kanapickas, A.; Tamulevičius, T. Investigation of electromagnetic radiation patterns in the vicinity of cellular base stations Radiation interaction with materials: fundamentals and applications 2014 : 5th international conference 2014
Kanapickienė, R.; Kanapickas, A. Evaluation of wind energy investment project New challenges of economic and business development - 2014 : international scientific conference 2014
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Ground state nucleon, dark energy and dark matter Journal of applied mathematics and physics 2016
Deveikis, A.; Kamuntavičius, G. P. New possibilities of harmonic oscillator basis application for quantum system description : two particles with coulomb interaction Journal of modern physics 2015
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Structure of Schrödinger’s nucleon : elastic form-factors and radii Journal of applied mathematics and physics 2015
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Structure of Schrödinger’s nucleon. Density distributions and zemach momenta Journal of applied mathematics and physics 2015
Urbonas, N.; Kanapickas, A. Analysis of the impact of climate change on wind energy resources CYSENI 2014 2014
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Nucleon as a nonrelativistic three point particles system SOP Transactions on theoretical physics 2014
Kaminskas, M.; Kamuntavičius, G. P. Realistic nucleon-nucleon potential expansion in terms of orthogonal projectors SOP Transactions on theoretical physics 2014
Kamuntavičius, G. P. Relativistic corrections of two-nucleon data SOP Transactions on theoretical physics 2014
Mickevičius, S.; Šatkauskas, S.; Adlienė, D. Применение методов ионизирующего и неионизирующего излучения в медицине и в биотехнологии Тенденции интеграции образования, науки и бизнеса, 27-28 ноября 2014 года : сборник материалов Белорусско-Литовской биржи деловых контактов 2014
Gimžauskaitė, D.; Pranevičius, L. Titanium film thickness variations under oxidation in gas plasma containing water Telekomunikacijos ir elektronika - 2014 2014

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