Kvietimas į konferenciją Common and Little Terns: a seminar coupled with a field visit and a conference

LOD LifeTerns seminar invitation 18-19 10 2023

LOD LifeTerns Final Conference invitation 20 10

We warmly invite you to participate in two upcoming international events organized by the Lithuanian Ornithological Society, focusing on the protection of Common and Little Terns: a seminar coupled with a field visit and a conference. These events will take place on 18-20 October in Vilnius.

Also, we kindly request your assistance in disseminating this information to your network, encouraging others to join us.


About the events

1. The seminar “Conservation of Island Breeding Birds: Challenges and Best Practices

·        Date and location: 18-19 October 2023, Vilnius

·        Details: plenary session on 18 October, and field visit on 19 October

·        Topics:

Session I: Conservation challenges of island breeding terns and other waterbirds.

Session II: Telemetry methods for effective conservation of the breeding waterbirds.

Session III: Cooperation of the industries and nature sector for better conservation of breeding waterbirds.

·        Sharing of experience: We are looking forward for participants to share their insights and experiences related to the seminar topics. We kindly ask to express interest and propose your presentation topic by 20 September when registering to the seminar.


2. The Final Conference of the LIFE TERNS project

·        Date and location: 20 October 2023, Vilnius

·        Topics:

–        Overview of the main results of the LIFE TERNS. Future perspectives and our next steps.

–        Maintaining of waterways: benefits for island breeding birds and future possibilities.

–        The importance of telemetry method and its advantages in shaping of the protection of Terns and their important habitats.

–        Photo exhibition of the LIFE TERNS project.

·     We would like to share experiences and lessons we have learned throughout the four-year project. We also plan to invite other organisations to collaborate and become LOD partners in continuing actions for the improvement of the conservation status of the Common and Little tern and shorebirds breeding on islands.


Both events are part of the EU LIFE project “Adjustment of key stakeholders’ capacity for improvement of Common and Little terns conservation status in Lithuania” (LIFE TERNS, LIFE17 NAT/LT/000545).


Registration. To register to the events, please kindly follow this link. The registration deadline is 25 September 2023.

Covering participation costs. The organisers can reimburse travel expenses and provide accommodation for all presenters as well as several other participants. If you are interested in applying for it, please indicate this in the registration form. We will be in touch with you by mid-September.

Attached invitations. For your convenience, we have attached invitations to the seminar and the conference to this email.


If you have any questions on the events, please contact us at inga@birdlife.lt, or lod@birdlife.lt.

We are looking forward to meet you in our events.

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