Researchers of Vytautas Magnus University Response Visit to Kharkov

Prof. Dr. (Habil. Proc.) Ona Ragažinskienė, Vice-President of the  Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Association, Head of the Scientific Sector of Medicinal and Aromatic plants of the Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University

Prof. academician habil. dr. Audrius Sigitas Maruška, Head of Open Access Center of Instrumental Analysis at Faculty of Natural Sciences of VMU

Prof. dr. Saulius Mickevicius Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University


The administration of the National University of Pharmacy of Ukraine had organized a return visit of scientists of Vytautas Magnus University: prof. academician habil. dr. A. Maruska, prof. dr. S. Mickevicius and prof. Dr. (Habil. Proc.) O. Ragazinskienė as university cooperation on 3-6 February, 2019.

The meeting was organized according to a pre-program:

  • During the Rector’s meeting, representatives of both universities introduced the infrastructure of their universitetes, the scientific and study activities and the possibilities of international cooperation (Сhief vice-rector prof. A.I. Fedosov, vice-rector for science and education prof. A.L. Zagayko, vice-rector for educational affairs prof. T.V. Krutskikh, Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical technologies & management prof. O. O. Surikov, Dean Faculty of Medical & Pharmaceutical technologies prof. O. I. Naboka, Head of Academic Mobility Department O. Skrypnyk).
  • Agreement for Cooperation have been signed (Rector prof. A.A. Kotvitska);
  • The areas of co-operation were discussed: opportunities of the creation of a double diploma and joint programs.
  • Visit to the Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostic Center (prof. dr. I. A. Zupanets), State Scientific-Research Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicines (Prof. S. N. Hubar), departments of Biotechnology (Prof. Strelnikov L.S.), Botanical ( T.M. Hontovaya), Pharmacognosy (Prof. O. M. Koshovyi), Chemistry of Natural compounds (Prof. V. S. Kyslychenko), Pharmaceutical Technology (prof. Liliia Vyshnevska), and oth., where they were interested in the science research and study base and the ongoing projects;
  • Visited Pharmacy – Cosmetic Factory LEDA (ISO Standard and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) (Director A. V. Demchenko).

Shared professional experience and innovation during the meeting. The perspectives of cooperation in the fields of pharmacy, pharmacognosy, biotechnology and bioanalysis and medical diagnostics were discussed.

The next meeting with scientists from the National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine is planned in Kaunas, on 13-14 April, 2019 at international scientific conference the BaltPharm Forum 2019, organized by the Lithuanian Pharmaceutical Association (more information . web link

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