Competition for Scholarships for Scientific or Artistic Achievements


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Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) announces a competition for scholarships for the scientific or artistic achievements of VMU students, which aims to encourage students to pursue scientific or artistic activities at the University.

One-off scholarships for scientific or artistic achievements in the amount of EUR 500 (five hundred euros) are awarded to the most productive and/or the students with the highest and most significant achievements (as measured by scientific (artistic) production points) in the relevant group of study fields.

The scholarship is open to candidates who have at least one scientific publication, a conference presentation, or a public presentation of their work. The scholarships are awarded based on an assessment of the scientific or artistic achievements of the previous calendar year (in the period from 1 January to 31 December) in the following relevant groups of study fields:

  • Humanities;
  • Arts;
  • Engineering Sciences and Technological Sciences;
  • Social Sciences, Law, Business and Public Management;
  • Educational Sciences;
  • Mathematical Sciences, Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences;
  • Agricultural Sciences.

Scholarships for scientific or artistic achievements shall be awarded separately according to the relevant groups of study fields:

  • jointly for full-time and part-time first cycle students and for first- to fourth-year students of integrated studies;
  • jointly for full-time and part-time second cycle students, students of vocational studies, and fifth-year students of integrated studies.

Students who are willing to apply for a scholarship for scientific or artistic achievements up to this year, students must submit data on their scientific, artistic, and other activities on the VMU Student Portal until March 31 st under “Science” in accordance with the following procedure:

  • log in to the VMU Student self-service portal using your personal login provided by the University, select Research in the menu box, and click on the Fill button when the column opens;
  • select the category of the scientific/artistic activity you want to pursue (publications and  patents; other research and organizational activity; other research and artistic activity; significant prizes and awards) and provide all the necessary information and press the Save button.

IMPORTANT: publications and patents must be registered in the University’s Science Management System VMU CRIS, and points for publications shall be awarded according to the classification of scientific and artistic output approved by VMU.

More information:

Description of the procedure for awarding scholarships for scientific or artistic achievements at Vytautas Magnus university

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